VARIOUS ARTISTS: This Is Copenhagen: A Punk Rock Manifesto, 2009-2019: LP

Jan 26, 2021

If you haven’t checked in on the state of punk in Denmark’s capital city since the days of Kick N’ Punch and Hjernespind, this comp has been conveniently compiled with an attentive ear for your listening pleasure. Refreshingly diverse, the fifteen bands featured on this record paint the picture of a scene filthy rich in wild and unique-sounding bands. There really is a new favorite band for everyone on this record, whether you lean towards gothy, ethereal sounds or gruff gutter growls or upbeat, peppy punk. But if you’re just a fan of underground music done well, you’ll enjoy this thing start to finish, and some of these bands are giving those modern classics from the 2000s a run for their money. If the impetus for the comp was to bring attention to a generation of bands that had been overlooked and share their high quality output, it was done so right. So right. –Daryl (Elektriste Plader, [email protected] / Rusted Teeth, [email protected])