VARIOUS ARTISTS: The End Is Here: The Last Label in the World Presents the Last Bands on Earth: CD

Mar 17, 2021

Compilation that features bands that you would not immediately think have any ties together at all. But there seems to a blues influence flowing underneath some of the songs, as if they wouldn’t be out of place on a jukebox in a roadhouse in Texas. DiNOLA goes off the rails for over ten minutes, ending in a Funhouse swirl at the end. “Marijuana Logic” by Pocket FishRmen says this song only makes sense if you are “on marijuana,” but you can probably crack a smile when stone cold sober. The Hickoids wrap things up with “The New Fangled Maple Leaf Rag.” Classic rock meets punk? Sure, why not. –Sean Koepenick (Saustex, [email protected])