VARIOUS ARTISTS: Teaching You the Fear… Again—A Tribute to Really Red: 2 x LP

I have to admit, I’m usually kind of iffy on “tribute” compilations. More often than not, it’s simply bands “going through the motions” with the songs they’re covering. Well, that’s not the case here, as this compilation is absolutely killer. Really Red, the legendary first wave Houston TX punk/hardcore band, gets the cover treatment from a mix of big name contributors (Mudhoney, MDC, Jello Biafra, The BellRays, et cetera), some bands with serious ties back to the Texas punk scene (Dicks, The Hates, Mydolls, Sugar Shack, Hickoids, et cetera) and a whole slew of others. I grew up in Houston, and these songs are all essential classics to me. Covering a band like Really Red is tricky, as they were so socio-politically tied to Houston and the issues that Houston suffered from back in the ’80s (and in some cases, continues to suffer from), but the covers (for the most part) are done well, with sincerity and feeling. Great compilation. –Mark Twistworthy (CIA,