VARIOUS ARTISTS: Spike: A San Pedro Compilation: LP

Mar 17, 2021

Water Under The Bridge has been doing a great job of chronicling San Pedro’s underground by unearthing many of its lost/hidden gems for quite a while. This latest collection is a welcome addition to that work. Seventeen tunes by as many bands, known names and those more obscure, covering a lot of real estate—hardcore, synth punk, indie rock, post-punk, assorted weirdness—and managing to nail it every step of the way, with not a bad apple in the bunch. This is the kinda comp that not only serves as a time capsule of some of the local scene’s bright spots circa 2020-21, it’s a testament to the idea that comps can be a valid avenue of expression for a local collective of artists and musicians. Highly, highly recommended. –Jimmy Alvarado (Water Under The Bridge,

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