Jan 31, 2018

In 1993 Top Drawer Records released a compilation featuring Sicko, The Stand GT, The Fastbacks and ten other bands of the pop punk genre under the title Soda Punx 13. It’s now the turn of fourteen artists to jump on board the follow up, which brings together a bunch of Seattle groups to celebrate the city’s current crop of pop punkers. Some of the bands were already familiar to me, including Date Night With Brian—featuring Top Drawer top dog and former Sicko member, Ean Hernandez—Listen Lady, and Ramona so it was starting on a firm footing. From the get go it was all about the perky tuneage and I found myself getting nostalgic for the original compilation, something I haven’t listened to in a number of years. After a handful of listens, it was obvious that I had nine bands to start investigating further, none more so than The Drolls, another Sicko offshoot, and the architect of the glorious “Getting Old.” Another noteworthy inclusion is Burn Burn Burn, which offers up some frantic sloppy goodness in the form of “What Doing.” As a follow up, this doesn’t disappoint and has gone some way to reigniting my mid-twenties’ passion for all things pop punk. This album is also being used to raise awareness of the Seattle Pop Punk Festival being held in January 2018, which will see Sicko returning to the stage, alongside some of the bands featured here. Someone please fly me to Seattle! –Rich Cocksedge (Top Drawer,