VARIOUS ARTISTS: So This Is Progress?: 7” Flexi

Sep 29, 2020

The first installment of a photo zine/flexi series with more planned in the future according to season. The flexi leads things off with a walloping hardcore/powerviolence number from Forest Fucker from Columbus. Up next is Peace Talks with a mid tempo hardcore fist to the face. Nukkehammer, also from Columbus, storm the gates sounding like the second coming of Anti Cimex. Wounded Paw from Dayton berate the shit out of you with a stomper reminiscent of early Think I Care. Body Farm close the flexi out with a pogo/hardcore/thrash ditty that would bring the house down at any basement show. The photo zine is a collection of several bands captured live on disposable cameras between 2017 through 2019. Some of the bands photographed include 9 Shocks Terror, Iron Lung, Physique, Scumraid, Suck Lords, Warthog, and Wound Man. The photos are of great quality and are presented in a 7” booklet format to handily accompany the flexi. If the quality herein is consistent then I anxiously anticipate future issues. –Juan Espinosa (So This Is Progress,