VARIOUS ARTISTS: Snappy Little Numbers 10 Year Anniversary Comp: CD

Mar 15, 2022

With over seventy-five bands on their roster, this must have been an insanely difficult comp to put together. A decade worth of releases is an important milestone to celebrate, and Snappy Little Numbers (run by Chuck Coffey of Spells) has no shortage of catchy punk tunes to tack on to this release. They showed quite a bit of restraint by only putting thirty tracks on this double CD. Some of the standout tracks for me come from Spells, Black Dots, Seth Anderson (a sleepy acoustic ditty), Lawsuit Models, The Animal Steel (think Small Brown Bike emo), a gritty cover of the Gin Blossom’s “Hey Jealousy” (even though Ergs! did perfect version of this, I’m glad this one exists too.), and Seattle’s own The Drolls (ex-Sicko pop punk). If you’ve never heard of this label, what a great place to start! A decade-long tour of their output! Also thirty percent of the sales goes to Stop AAPI Hate. Hell yeah. –Kayla Greet (Snappy Little Numbers)

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