Mar 20, 2018

Scrap! is a seventeen-track comp featuring six of Japan’s best bands of today. Want to sample some of the craziest, catchiest, zaniest punk in the world? Look no further than the groups included here, which are Car Crash, Middle Edge, Black And White, Centipede, Dials, and Loudmouth. Each band contributes two or three songs, and there’s not a dud in the batch. Secret Mission gravitates towards the garage end of Japanese punk, with the songs featured here leaning towards some of the harsher subsets of that category. Diversely pulling from both Eastern and Western punk traditions, a band like Black And White is as inspired by U.K. punk as a band like Dials is to Japanese punk ancestors. This comp is so cool that it almost feels like cheating getting to discover six current Japanese bands that are this rad at once. Scrap! is absolutely necessary. –Art Ettinger (Secret Mission,