VARIOUS ARTISTS: Purity Control 7”: 7”

Aug 19, 2016

This comp is a collection of work themed around The X-Files, including a surf version of the TV show’s iconic theme song and a conceptual poem by Adrienne Dodt, about Mulder and Scully’s beliefs. Generically, the comp covers ground from miraculously not-cloying folk punk (James Dean Death Cult) to scuzzy lo-fi noise (Lieutenant Dance) to plaintive folk and pop punk. It’s a fine subcultural meditation on the conspiracy dramedy, just in time for its return to the small screen early this year. The cover art is the cover of Goo/Mulder and Scully you never knew you needed. Great for TV freaks and anyone who wants to believe. –Lyle (What’s For Breakfast?, [email protected] / We Used To Drink Together)