VARIOUS ARTISTS: Probably House: 7”

Jul 20, 2022

Here’s a question; are punk houses still a thing? I feel like something that was a rite of passage for many “punks of a certain age” may not exist in this current renoviction/gentrification world we live in, and that makes me sad. This record is an ode to one such house in London, Ontario that had the added bonus of becoming somewhat of a venue for touring bands to play, as well as the locals. The five bands here all played at Probably House and put forth a fitting tribute. Standouts to me are Dave Rocket And The Jobbers, School Damage, and Sadistic Vandals. Also, shouts out to punk houses everywhere including some that I lived and/or hung out in. Hospital House, 1049, Cook House, Fuck Pit, Troyler… RIP –Ty Stranglehold (Faster And Louder,

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