VARIOUS ARTISTS: Pinball Summer Soundtrack: LP

Sep 20, 2016

Was there ever a more appropriate record to find in my review pile? I instantly marveled at the fact I was holding vinyl that said “PINBALL” in bold font at the top of the sleeve. How could it be that there was a movie with the silver ball in the name that I wasn’t aware of? Pinball Summer is a Canadian Animal House, or Porky’s-style movie, which was renamed to Pick-Up Summer when released in the U.S. I find it strange to omit pinball from the title when introducing it to the country that manufactures the most machines in the world, but what do I know about marketing? Seemingly, this soundtrack was written by two men, Jay Boivin and Germain Gauthier who had played in garage and surf bands prior to this. It evokes feelings of sunshine, swimming pools, make-out parties, the beach, and being young. The first three songs even have “Summer” in the title. While this record is barely—if even—punk adjacent, it definitely emulates music that I enjoy outside of punk. There’s a heavy Beach Boys and Bee Gees sound with small bits of late ‘70s Queen, ELO, and T-Rex, plus some synth, and even a little saxophone. Based on the trailer which is full of topless gals and an incidental side of pinball, I doubt that I’ll check out the movie. Though I may have just found my new “go-to” record to listen to while I play pinball. Also, if I lived somewhere that could facilitate summer pool parties, this soundtrack would be in heavy rotation. –Kayla Greet (Jay And Germain, no address listed)

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