VARIOUS ARTISTS: Partners in Crime: Allegedly Records vs. River Monster Records: CD

Jul 20, 2022

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen many comps like this. Splits between two to four bands, yes. Comps from a singular label, yes. Split between two labels? Not so much. I don’t know either of these record labels or many of the bands, the exception being Billy Batts & The Made Men whose 7” I also reviewed in this issue. Otherwise I thought I was a stranger to every other act, but when an absolute perfect pop punk bop came on, I realized it was the band Amuse who I’m almost certain I saw at Fest. I also was quite taken with the band Bored With Fire. They’re another pop punk act whose production was almost too polished and radio friendly (is that even a thing anymore?), but also a band I could see being on a Hopeless comp in the late ’90s. There’s a lot to like about this comp and I’m happy to be closing in on thirty-eight years old and still discovering bands I really enjoy. Glad to have reviewed this and have a lot of new groups to check out. –Kayla Greet (Allegedly / River Monster)