VARIOUS ARTISTS: One Family One Flag: 3 x LP

Apr 08, 2019

Most folks in the punk scene do it for love. Few make a job and career of it, and almost none are able to support friends, bands, and families from it. Skippy (who runs Pirates Press) just moved forward with a smile on his face and a belief in his friends and their bands. Fast forward fifteen years and his label and company have been at the forefront of quality punk releases—and in many ways the resurgence of vinyl in America (he also employs a pile of my mates). This compilation is a testament to his hard work and a celebration of his label. Too many to mention, but if you like Cock Sparrer, Noiise, Old Firm Casuals, Bishops Green, Off With Their Heads, Rancid et. al there’s a something here for you. It’s definitely on the street punk/oi side of things, but the very best of it. No filler, all killer. We love you Skippy. Congrats, mate! This would be the disc you should give your young cousin getting into punk. –Tim Brooks (Pirates Press,