VARIOUS ARTISTS: NW Punk Whatever #2: EP

Jul 25, 2018

This compilation has some of the best bands in the Seattle area that are currently active. Besides No Guts, who I was unaware of before listening to this comp, I go to see the rest of these bands ninety-five percent of the time they’re playing in the city. Ramona has moved to Philly, so I have less of a chance of seeing them now. But Choke The Pope and ‘Ol Doris are bands I never get tired of. All of these are songs that are previously unreleased, though the Choke The Pope track will be out on their next record. The compilation starts off with a catchy and raucous song from Ramona about insomnia. Thanks for being the next song that gets stuck in my head when I’m going to bed now! Choke The Pope’s track is next and it’s incredibly infectious. The lyrics that stick out the most for me are: “I have a pretty good life / I smoke weed and watch TV / And get paid $20 an hour to put milk on a shelf.” It’s so simple and dumb. I just fucking love it. Then No Guts hits us with a track that could easily be a secret B side for Sentimental Ward, Volatile Molotov, or The People Are Home. Somehow it’s a mix of Toys That Kill, The Arrivals, and Underground Railroad To Candyland all at once. And, finally, ‘Ol Doris shouts out a Dee Dee-level “1-2-3-4!” count and launches into their song “Enough.” It’s fraught with killer minor chords and driving rhythm guitar, “woohoo”s, and nonstop back beat with gruff vocals blanketing the whole mix. Four great bands with four great songs makes for a helluva comp. –Kayla Greet (Tiny Dragon)