VARIOUS ARTISTS: NW Punk Whatever #1: EP

Jul 25, 2018

This is the first release from Tiny Dragon records—the brainchild of Drew Smith and Adam France of Burn Burn Burn, so of course they’re going to be on it! Actually the Burn Burn Burn song “Amber” is a nice complement to the opening track, “One Step Closer to the Thunderdome” from Kids On Fire. Both songs are fast as hell—great leads, gruff and gravely vocals, with some “whoa-ohs” and sing-a-long choruses that take over your short term memory pretty quickly. The B-side comes to us from Rat City Ruckus and Ten Pole Drunk. Again, two songs that fall in line with the first two, but also have elements that are uniquely their own, though definitely more sing-songy; tracks about drinking, which has a minor reoccurring role on this comp. Punks writing songs about being drunk? Crazy, I know. I suggest you snag a copy of this, some forties, and a bunch of friends. Though also bring along a six pack and a copy of Rancid’s Life Won’t Wait because A) it’s a short EP and you’ll need more to drink/listen to, and B) these bands sound a lot like what Rancid would be if they grew up in rainy, overcast Seattle instead of spending all that time in the sun—a little watered down and a little less cheery? –Kayla Greet (Tiny Dragon)