VARIOUS ARTISTS: Notes from the Underground: 3 Postcard Flexis

Sep 22, 2022

Three Las Vegas bands—Amaxites, Baby Ghosts, The Social Set—all contribute a song to this project. The catch—and it’s a zinger—is that each song is on its own individually embossed/hand-cut piece of PVC in the shape of a postcard, complete with band graphics. Personally, I continually admire GC’s willingness to continually try out new ideas and, more importantly, their steadfast interest in working with local bands in their scene. They are, in the best sense of the word, a local label. That said, the logistics of this one was a bit of a challenge for me. Still, if you’re into unique, weird vinyl packaging that’s difficult to file with the rest of your stuff, you will absolutely dig this and should grab it up. Meanwhile, all the bands sit in that nice, catchy, tuneful range between indie pop and pop punk. Would’ve—and there’s no snark intended—made a nice 7” comp. –Keith Rosson (GC)

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