VARIOUS ARTISTS: The New Wave of the Grave New Beat Vol. 2: CD

Aug 02, 2017

Compilation albums are often seen as graveyards for a band’s throwaway tracks but when done right a compilation can be a smorgasbord of undiscovered treasures. The New Wave of the Grave New Beat’s second installment features seventeen of the world’s best anarcho, d-beat, crust, and raw d-beat bands under the subgenre umbrella of Grave New Beat (a reference to Discharge’s most polarizing and panned album Grave New World). Shit gets fierce and doesn’t let up from top to bottom with standouts like Gaze, Thisclose, Final Fucker, Endless Grinning Skulls, and Paranoid leading the pack. The sequencing and flow of the comp seems to move along quite nicely with all of the bands adhering to the mission statement included in the booklet: this style is not only not palatable to mainstream society but is also not a fucking industry to exploit. Perhaps the only three bands adhering to the Grave New World aesthetic (Soft Dov, Randy Shades Band, and Indian Nightmare) could also be the ones with the most original offerings and in doing so break up what could have otherwise been a stylistically monotonous track arrangement. My only complaint is that this wasn’t pressed to vinyl but I find comfort in knowing that most, if not all, of the bands featured here have slabs of wax waiting for me to buy. Cheers. –Juan Espinosa (Our Future,