VARIOUS ARTISTS: Nadine Records Sampler Vol. 1: CD

May 24, 2022

Wow, was I stoked to get this one in my review materials. So many exciting bands on one compilation! I love compilations! Nadine Records is also focused specifically on the Pacific Northwest, so I’ve got some particular interest here. The comp contains a song each from the records released by Nadine so far and it’s a great trip through what’s happening in the PNW in music. If you’ve ever associated Portland with noise music (and who hasn’t) this record will definitely reaffirm that for you. There are some great tracks by Avola and Elrond that get out into the experimental dimensions of life while Stress Position’s “Swallow” offers a great, grimy release of heavy energy. In general, an excellent comp and one I’ll keep coming back to. –Theresa W. (Nadine)

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