VARIOUS ARTISTS: Mutations from the Motor City: LP

Although the local-scene-based compilation album as a whole hasn’t fared very well during my periodic record collection purges of the last thirty-eight years or so, such records do perform a valuable service by presenting us rank outsider types a snapshot of a given scene at a given point in time, allowing us a brief peep into what’s going on in someone else’s backyard without undue scholarly effort on our parts. What I have gleaned from this particular sonic Polaroid is that Detroit has mutated into a particularly virulent strain of humanity-menacing infection, fatally awash in a bubbling sea of Stroh’s, toxins, and old Zeke records. My keen investigative instincts suggest that this does not appear to be a scene where subtlety is particularly esteemed. Maybe a few of the more delicate bands here sound a bit like the New Bomb Turks, and a few of the more cerebral types might evoke early Flipper, but it ratchets up from there. One certainly wouldn’t expect anything less from an album with “McFucked Up System” by Morbid Cunt on it. BEST SONG: “Werewolves and Werewives” by the Devious Ones. BEST SONG TITLE: “Detroit Scumbags” by Busby Death Chair. I wonder if they’re related to Busby Berkeley? FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Morbid Cunt are “All-Girl Cuntcore from Lisa Franks’ Torture Chamber.” –Rev. Nørb (442 Music)