VARIOUS ARTISTS: Manifestation 9: LP

Jul 20, 2022

This compilation is all over the map but stays in the lane of ambient experimental soundscapes most of the time. The track listing is kind of disjointed. It starts out with one band and then careens to three songs by the next band. Then mostly single artists after that, except for one band that gets two songs but not consecutively. Got it? I’m still a bit woozy. Sunday Shock’s “Alabaster” sounds like it could have been on The Cure’s Faith. Pleasure Center reminds me of Algebra Suicide. I won’t drone on about all seventeen songs, but I dig Michael O. Johnson’s contribution of “Will It Never End CV19” the most on this collection. Best band names honorable mentions: Señor Bubba and Poison Gas Research. No punk here but certainly mind-expanding. Orange record that comes with a CD, so packaging is aces. –Sean Koepenick (Awe Full,

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