VARIOUS ARTISTS: Lambpaign - England: LP

Sep 22, 2022

As the title suggests, this is a collection of assorted English bands (other installments apparently highlight other countries within the U.K.) playing various hues of punk—mid-tempo, thrashy, street-punky, metallic, and so on, with the “odd” approach thrown in to occasionally clean the palette. Tunes courtesy of Attestor, The Backstreet Abortions, Proud City Fathers, In Evil Hour, Diaz Brothers, Eastfield, Kicked In The Teeth, Zero Again, Knife Club, The Hoors, The Sentence, and Last Reserves, with the latter likely providing the most effective entry by using the basic structure (not the musical riff) of Suicidal Tendencies’ “Institutionalized” to make a statement on misogyny. –Jimmy Alvarado (Dead Lamb,

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