VARIOUS ARTISTS: Laginappe Sessions, Vol. 2: LP

A record of some of the best installments from Aquarium Drunkard’s “Lagniappe Sessions,” this was a great gift that showed up with my review materials this round. Living up to the sentiment of the title “lagniappe” which means “an extra or unexpected gift or benefit,” this was a great way to spend a Sunday. From the first note of Six Organs Of Admittance’s haunting cover of Melvins’ “Night Goats” to Scott Hirsch’s longing cover of Dire Straits’ “So Far Away” (one of my all-time favorites), this record will be such a clutch summer bank for me. Even though it’s thirteen different artists singing songs from thirteen other artists across a huge range of style, there is something cohesive about the record. It’s each of these songs stripped down to their most emotional core and it’s fucking gorgeous. –Theresa W. (Org / Aquarium Drunkard)