VARIOUS ARTISTS: Killed by Meth Volume 3: LP

Apr 08, 2019

No matter where I go, my first instinct is to find a record store. My second intuition is: surely there must be a band in this town I’d like. The Killed by Meth series compiles bands located in and around the Midwest, in and out of towns you might not be familiar with, exposing great bands waving the punk flag. The styles are a range of punk enjoyment. I appreciate a compilation highlighting modern bands taking up a variety of styles. The bands on this record differ here and there, but the songs here are all trashy, limited in chords, and head nodders. S.L.I.P. starts the record with “Killed by Meth,” a mid-tempo serving as a nice theme song for the series. It has a Dangerhouse-moving-into-hardcore feel and a catchy chorus. Sweet Milk’s “Nervous” has a more mechanical guitar riff with echo-laden vocals. Knowso’s “Energy Accident” has a distinctly Devo sensibility: dry, jumpy guitars frame cold, robot-like vocal delivery. I don’t know where they’re from, but I hope Ohio. Beauticians’ “Mouse or Man” combines snotty vocals with mid-tempo punk and an organ sound that would be at home in a science fiction movie. WLMRT bring a bit of thrash to the table with the near-metal-paced “Deathsticks Ruined My Life” and prove you can make a singalong with any phrase if you mean it enough, inserting the mid-song interlude “pick up your jacket / it’s on the floor, on the floor” a few times. It’s incredibly infectious. The Killed by Meth series pulls from a wide range of recent bands playing in a variety of trash-rock styles and is a testament to thankless job of compiling. Volume three is another great listen and makes me feel a little hipper than I actually am. –Billups Allen (It’s Trash, itstrashrecords.bandcamp)