VARIOUS ARTISTS: Killed by Meth #5: Rust Belt Rockers: LP

Mar 17, 2021

Sadly, this fifth volume in the excellent Killed by Meth series promises to be the final entry. Covering overlooked garage and lo-fi bands from the Rust Belt of North America, every time a new volume drops, I marvel at the fact that despite my valiant efforts to stay current, many of the artists are new to me. All five of the major U.S. cities I’ve lived in are located in the loosely designated Rust Belt. I can attest to the fact that there are tons of tremendous groups that never make it past local audiences. It’s no secret that Rust Belt bands need all the help they can get to get noticed, as opposed to acts that have greater access to exposure by virtue of being located in large, coastal cities. High points on this volume include Black Planet, The Stools, Nervous Tick And The Zipper Lips, and Doppler Radar And The Local News. Killed by Meth might be getting killed for now, but the glorious five records left behind will stand the test of time. –Art Ettinger (It’s Trash!,