VARIOUS ARTISTS: Killed by Meth #4: Rust Belt Rockers: LP

The long-awaited fourth volume of the kick-ass Killed By Meth comps is here to assail listeners with a pile of wonderful, overlooked bands from the Rust Belt of North America. Even as a lifelong Rust Belt resident, most of these groups are new to me. As is often the case with bands from the Rust Belt, many of these acts would be way better-known if they were from either coast. This edition includes fifteen songs from the likes of Traci And The Faucet Of Fuks, Mr. California And The State Police, Get Off The Cop, and Speed Plans. The focus is on garage and power pop, but there are other styles here, too, including contemporary fast hardcore. All four volumes of Killed By Meth are a must, but this latest one is possibly the best. –Art Ettinger (It’s Trash!,