VARIOUS ARTISTS: Keep It in Motion: LP

Sep 22, 2022

I’m very into this low-key Guided By Voices covers record that makes a point of zooming in on deep cuts. Even within the corners of GBV’s catalog, there’s the richness of stray thoughts and weird dreams matched with power pop chords, casual vignettes of inner worlds and outer horizons, songs that can be dizzying and centering all at once. Every artist and band involved knows that, with Sleepy Kitty, I Choose Izumi, She Be Vee, and Bunnygrunt standing out in particular for their take on Pollard and Sprout & Co.’s music. Even if you don’t know GBV or don’t care, you could see this LP as—I don’t know—twelve gems to get lost in/drink a beer in the basement to/drive around with. A no skips comp, that’s a rare thing. –Matt Werts (Silly Moo,