VARIOUS ARTISTS: Kat Music for Kat People Vol. VI: God Emperor of Tune: CD

Sep 16, 2021

Thirty-six songs may be the largest compilation in history. Well, maybe not but it sure feels… bloated! Okay, enough shenanigans. Even the writer of the liner notes says he doesn’t really know all these bands, but if you want you can text his cell to chat about “dirt pop” or “sugar metal.” Maybe at 3AM one Saturday night and I’m really bored. The best two band names here are Soft Jock and Attic Salt. The best two song titles are “Sleeping in Your Pocket” and “I Want to Smoke Weed in a Tunnel with You.” Thanks and goodnight, I’ll be here all weekend folks! –Sean Koepenick (Bloated Kat,

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