VARIOUS ARTISTS: I’ve Got the Bible Belt around My Throat: LP

Sep 17, 2018

Subtitled “A one-sided history of punk rock and hardcore form Alabama 1981-2003,” this is a peek into how this punk thang has developed, however one-sided this version may or may not be, in that state. Many of the bands here I’ve personally never heard of before—featured here, in order of appearance, are Ether Dogs, Grosses National Product, Knockabouts, The Accelerators, Ducky Boys, Dead Pigeons, Dispersion, Coup D’Etat, Vomit Spots, Random Conflict, The Order Of Flagellants, Crucial Change, The Slackers, Thik Chicken, The Jawas, and Green Beret—most put in some fine work that largely leans towards the hardcore side of the equation utilizing a variety of recording techniques, some rawer than others. The punker-cynic in me wonders how many members of the older bands here ultimately ended up embracing the culture they were rebelling against back then, but the punker-optimist in me wins out and I choose instead to remember fondly a time when a wildly varied segment of the country’s youth thought we were gonna overthrow the established order with frenetic beats and weird haircuts. Good reppin’ here, ‘Bama. –Jimmy Alvarado (Foreign Legion, / OurWayofLifeOi)