VARIOUS ARTISTS: Invading the Border: CD

Jan 24, 2024

Label compilations were a crucial staple of getting new music in a predominantly pre-internet world. Are they necessary now? Maybe not, but that feeling of opening a CD and the track listing features thirty tracks of almost completely unknown (to me) band names still brings a level of excitement. This one features two labels (Faster And Louder from Ontario, Canada and This Is Just A Record Label from Ohio, U.S.) bringing some of their favorites from their respective sides of the forty-ninth parallel. The sound here is predominantly a very ’90s style (melodic, or poppy or whatever) which also leads me to falling into a bit of a wormhole in a good way. Throw in a couple of staples who were actually on a lot of those compilations back then (Ann Beretta and Submachine) and I’m transported back to my shitty bachelor apartment, cranking this up loud, much to the chagrin of the neighbors. I’m already familiar with a lot of what Faster And Louder is releasing, but if this is any indication, I should check out This Is Just A Record Label as well. –Ty Stranglehold (Faster And Louder, / This Is Just A Record Label,

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