VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hardkore Dokument #1: 7”EP

Apr 08, 2019

This is no soundtrack to a light-hearted gambol through fields of wheat on a bright summer’s day. No, this is what one might expect to accompany footage of the destruction of buildings as wrecking balls crash through walls to decimate what once stood strong and proud. Okay, that might be slightly over-egging this single which features six, of the many, hardcore bands in the U.K. but it definitely unleashes a maelstrom of noise across this tiny island. Although there are slight differences in approaches, all six bands—Grand Collapse, Rash Decision, The Domestics, Guilt Police, Wolfbeast Destroyer—are more than adept at kicking up a racket, the Welsh boyos Pizza Tramp contributed my favourite track, the excellent “The Only Good Tribute Band’s a Fucking Dead One,” a song drenched in USHC influences. Get this now! –Rich Cocksedge (TNS, [email protected], / AMOK, / Kibou, [email protected], / Sick World, [email protected] / Mangel Wax)