VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Glastonbury Grove EP: A Tribute to Twin Peaks: 7”

Mar 22, 2017

It’s hard not to love something that pays homage to this singularly eerie, trailblazing David Lynch show. Named for the part of Ghostwood National Forest where Twin Peaks’ most exclusive—and evil—club resides, this tribute compilation features seven hilariously unsettling tracks and original art by Albert Gray. Noisy weirdos Mr. Clit And The Pink Cigarettes kick off the party with “Dead Daughter,” a lean, raucous love letter to Miss Laura Palmer herself. Tennessee’s Badge Collector are up next with “Into the Fire,” a driving headbanger with nods to illusive owls and everyone’s favorite log. With “Baguettes, Brie, and Butter,” J.R. Fisher & Jacob Pflanzer drive the production deep into the Pacific Northwestern soil with a high-masc hard rock track about Twin Peak’s shadiest, sleaziest residents. Washington D.C. “sitcom-core” duo, The Electric Grandmother, offer up “Leo Got Shot,” a spacey electronic track recounting the woes of the titular new shoe-obsessed young man. “Baked at the Double R” gives James Dean Death Cult the opportunity to slow things down with an acoustic jam relating the harrowing tale of a young delivery boy who has never seen Twin Peaks but must try to understand Fire Walk with Me while super fucking high. Avant-garage foursome DANA keep the nightmares rolling with “Death Bag,” a groovy standout track that perhaps best evokes the disjointed, unnerving quality of the original show. Finally, wrapping up the album—in a translucent plastic sheet—is soloist American Male Giant Squid, who turns in the sense-assaulting “Twin Peaks Theme,” a chilling evocation of what it must be like to look into a mirror and see Bob staring back at you. <> Fuck that. –Kelley O’Death (We Used To Drink Together, / What’s For Breakfast?, [email protected],

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