VARIOUS ARTISTS: GC Records 20th Anniversary: LP

May 27, 2020

In many ways, GC Records is indicative of so many DIY punk labels out there: Crafted as a labor of love. Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars releasing friends’ records. Getting stuck with hundreds of records once a band breaks up without ever touring. Continuing to put stuff out, even as breaking even seems like a pipe dream. Two folks—Shahab and Heela—just fucking doing it, hustling to get records out there into peoples’ hands, and navigating it all through decades of jobs and kids and bills and moving and tribulations and all the rest. They’ve put out a lot of great records and a lot of records you’ve never heard of (and often, those are not mutually exclusive things!). This is an LP celebrating twenty years of the label; it’s a live album from their 20th Anniversary bash. For a live album, it sounds fantastic. Features cuts from Toys That Kill, Kill The Scientist, Bogtrotters’ Union, Jesse Pino & the Vital Signs, and tons more. Comes with a download code with a bunch more songs, and my vinyl copy was a beautiful translucent pink. The love is obvious here, and the joy. Great label putting out great bands. –Keith Rosson (GC)