VARIOUS ARTISTS: Frequency of the Truewave 2: CS

Mar 22, 2017

A cassette compiling the strength of several formidable DIY bands, mostly of the punk and post-punk variety. While half of the bands on this comp reside in the Bay Area, it is definitely not a regional comp with a few international bands (Shopping, Troika, Lie, Naive) as well as Austin (Crooked Bangs), Portland (Steel Chains), Chicago (Split Feet), and D.C. (Priests) being well represented. Standouts include Street Eaters (a personal fave), Mozart, Troika, No Babies, Priests, and Violence Creeps but, really, every song is a winner. If you threw out your walkman or shelf system decades ago (or never had one to begin with) there is also a digital version that you can find through the label’s website. I mention that only because this is an extremely good group of bands and songs that deserves to reach as many ears as possible. –Juan Espinosa (Nervous Intent,