VARIOUS ARTISTS: Forbidden Fruits of Rock’n’Roll, Vol. II: CD

May 23, 2017

This Mystery School Records compilation is a bit all over the place, which is what they were going for, I guess. Featuring twenty-eight bands and almost as many genres, this CD gave me whiplash a few times. But Forbidden Fruits of Rock’n’Roll, Vol. II surprised me in a good way. I particularly dug Rancid Vat’s deeply meaningful “Die Hipster Die” and Hellstomper’s raucous “Ain’t Dead Yet.” Plus, there were a few sweet covers on there like Haylee & The Komets’ rendition of Toni Basil’s “Nobody” and Chad Davis’s cover of Townes Van Zandt’s “Lungs.” Altogether, this compilation was a pretty rewarding listen: wade through a handful of total stinkers and masturbatory guitar solos, and you’ll get to hear some seriously good singles. –Simone Carter (Mystery School, [email protected],

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