VARIOUS ARTISTS: For Family and Flag Volume 2: LP

Mar 19, 2024

Pirates Press, known for showy packaging and over-the-top vinyl experiments, achieved a milestone at the end of 2023 by putting out their four-hundredth release. What better way to celebrate such a triumph than releasing a killer compilation showcasing the past, present, and future of the label? This solid collection features old or recent favorites from The Slackers, Billy Liar, The Inciters, Territories, The Drowns, Hunting Lions, DeeCRACKS, Teenage Bottlerocket, Flores Y Fuego, Suzi Moon, and Stomper 98, as well as unreleased tracks from NOi!SE, Starving Wolves, The Complicators, Sweat, and Brigata Vendetta. Focusing on the more accessible fronts of punk, Pirates Press is a reliable brand for pop punk, streetpunk, and oi. Yet they also are not afraid to touch other subgenres like northern soul, represented here by The Inciters. Congrats to Pirates Press for reaching the achievement of four hundred releases! –Art Ettinger (Pirates Press,

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