VARIOUS ARTISTS: Everybody Needs a Bad Influence Vol. 5: CS

Jul 21, 2023

As all you hep cats tuned into the now scene are well aware, any project that is affiliated with Boy(Mouth) tends to be, really, pretty fucking weird. That’s just kinda how it works. Imagine the murky sea of my disorientation when I slapped this cassette in my barely functional deck and heard what sounded like Barry White fronting They Might Be Giants. Sure, the band was Ash Relics, not Boy(Mouth), but merely having a track with measurable normalcy sharing the same spool of magnetic tape with Boy(Mouth) made me feel like I was in that Twilight Zone episode where faceless doctors skulk around in the shadows discussing if the operation to cure the terrible deformity of their bandage-swaddled patient will be a success, and at the end you find out the doctors are all these fucked-up looking pig-nosed aliens and the “deformed” patient is actually hot. On the dark side of the tape, Boy(Mouth) (here augmented with the perhaps legendary Jedediah Robideaux) continue to defy expectations with “Bad Dogs 2,” a song which is actually somewhat blues-based! Well I never! Most of the rest of the Boy(Mouth) stuff is more typically Boy(Mouth)-ish; “An Asshole’s Prayer” even evokes whiffs of Half Japanese, which is not a terrible thing, as whiffs go. As with all Boy(Mouth) releases, you can’t wait to hear it! BEST SONG: Boy(Mouth) “Bad Dogs 2.” BEST SONG TITLE: “An Asshole’s Prayer.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The Ash Relics song titles are underlined and the Boy(Mouth) song titles aren’t. –Rev. Nørb (Rotten Princess)

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