VARIOUS ARTISTS: Evaluate What You Tolerate!: LP

Nov 22, 2017

Evaluate What You Tolerate! is a two-volume compilation (and zine) of Bay Area punk bands that came together to raise money for Oakland’s Anti Police-Terror Project. Let’s get the most important thing out of the way: this compilation is massive. It is exhausting. Coming in at forty-nine songs, there is no way to thoughtfully get through this in less than three listening sessions. These are great things because if compilations were stores, this one would be Costco for the great quality you get for the price. There’s an array of sounds present between the two volumes, but I’m still leaning towards the post-punk, dark punk, and generally goth-y offerings. Wax Idols kicks off the first volume of the compilation with a cover of 7 Seconds’ “Born without a Mind,” giving it an amazing second life as a snare-laden, gauzy, and even danceable track. Some other favorites come care of Primary (“Camouflage”) and False Figure (“Exhale”). It’s all on bandcamp so check it out. –Nicole X (Self-released,