VARIOUS ARTISTS: Drunk Dial: Fakes Volume Two: CS

Jul 21, 2023

Boy do I love covers, even if they’re bad or just “meh.” I enjoy listening to what a band draws inspiration from and find it particularly delightful when it’s something I’m also a fan of. The concept behind Fakes is that the songs must only exist in fiction (movies, TV shows, et cetera.) All the tracks are fun but standouts include the Withers with their rendition of “Dance with Me Tonight” from the film That Thing You Do (which completely rocks the shit out of the original), the Lo Fives “Fist Fight” originally from a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch involving celeb punks Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, and “Friday Night” by Heavy Lag which is from a very recent sketch comedy show called I Think You Should Leave. The rest of the covers come from several shows and films I’m either previously unfamiliar with (The Rutles, Rock N Rule, Eddie and the Cruisers) or only know vaguely (Introducing the Fabulous Stains, Degrassi, School of Rock, Bring It On). It has been an opinion of mine (and several other people, I’m sure) that L.A.’s own Fear was the blueprint for the band Pain from the infamous punk episode of CHiPs. Therefore I’m a little disappointed that Inject The Light’s version of “I Dig Pain” is Devo-style punk influenced and not more obnoxious or raw, but that’s a minor complaint. To avoid being sued by major labels for having fun with music, the proceeds from this compilation go towards funding the Innocence Project which works to help exonerate the wrongly convicted through DNA testing. Pretty fucking righteous if you ask me. –Juan Espinosa (Drunk Dial,,

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