VARIOUS ARTISTS: Drunk Dial: Fakes—Volume One: CS

Jul 20, 2022

I originally thought that the name of the band was “Drunk Dial,” the name of the album was Fakes, and the words on the back were song titles, because that is the way information is usually communicated here on earth. After a surprising amount of scrutiny, I learned that the name of the album is Drunk Dial: Fakes, the album is a compilation, the words on the back are the names of the bands, and the song titles don’t appear anywhere on the outer packaging. Cripes, am I reading liner notes or getting directions to a fucking rave? Anyhoot, the theme of this compilation appears to be “punk bands doing songs from movies and TV shows,” which is not a terrible theme for a compilation to have. The choice of source material definitely exhibits a bit of a millennial bent, largely bypassing the fertile but oft-tilled soil of ’60s and early ’70s television (someone does do “Sugar Sugar” from the Everything’s Archie show—cool version, uninspired choice—and another band re-does “Love Is All Around,” apparently unaware that it was a top ten hit for the Troggs in 1967 and not originally from a 2003 movie); the most-represented entities are the Josie & The Pussycats movie and the Doug TV show. Highlights include Pavid Vermin’s “Shout Your Lungs Out” from Doug, Careful’s brilliant pop punk whacking of “Kiss at the End of the Rainbow” from A Mighty Wind, and Pool Party’s nasty “Gimme Some Money” from This Is Spinal Tap, the movie’s best song IMO. Pretty fun when all is said and done. BEST SONGS: See above. BEST SONG TITLE: “Billy Passed the 3rd Grade.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I still don’t know if I have the album title right.–Rev. Nørb (Drunk Dial,

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