VARIOUS ARTISTS: Down South Spaghetty Accident: LP

May 20, 2019

The vinyl compilation album is a format that I had assumed was gone with the hogshead, cask, and demijohn. I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought one, or even eyed one up with intent, and I can’t say as I missed them all that much, either. Usually they just sit there, festering in the bowels of your record collection, spared from eternal banishment by virtue of a cool song or two you don’t know where (or are too lazy) to find elsewhere. Well, pass the fucking breadsticks: This one’s all meatball! Fourteen songs by fourteen different bands, and nary a bad song in the bunch! The closest thing to a crappy track here is probably “The Call” by Fixed Faces, but, on the whole, this record is that most unlikely of high-carbohydrate noodle dishes: A compilation that a rational human would actually pay money to own! Will wonders never cease? For purposes of conveying adequate descriptors for the sounds simmering herein, I’ll quote a few of the brief band bios: RMBLR “follows in a grand tradition of both rock’n’roll and punk,” whilst BBQT is immersed “in a swaggering mix of influences.” Mama are “gritty power pop and rock and roll renegades,” but the Ravagers produce “sick masterpieces of classic, alley lurking punk.” I guess the more you describe this stuff, the dumber it sounds. Well, don’t believe everything you read, this record’s great! BEST SONG: BBQT, “Savage 512.” BEST SONG TITLE: When I thought BBQT’s song was called “Sausage 512,” it was probably that. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Mama’s name appears to have been left off the cover artwork and added, via sticker, after the fact. Holy “Sub-Mission!” –Rev. Nørb (Spaghetty Town)