VARIOUS ARTISTS: Domestic Terror Volume 1: LP

Apr 08, 2019

A comp of current DC and VA area bands, featuring tracks by Bust Off, Skumboyz, Ruin By Design, Stuck Backwards, The Screws, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, The Mostly Dead, Rat Infested, Payback, 3:33, Devolver, Genosha, Treble Lifter, and Walk The Plank. Hues of hardcore and thrash are the order of the day here, with some shades with varying degrees of metal influence. If you’re looking for boundaries to be blurred and envelopes pushed, you ain’t gonna find much doing that here, but the bands all work well within the context of the genre, none deliver a particularly lackluster track, and this shines some light on recent happenings in an area that is often overshadowed by its own history. –Jimmy Alvarado (Domestic Terror,