VARIOUS ARTISTS: Do You Remember Us? A Tribute to Head: LP

May 27, 2020

Head have always been an anomaly. They’re a band that can be thoroughly loved and admired equally by garage rockers and pop punkers. However, those fans rarely cross over to one another otherwise, at least not to the degree that Seattle’s best have come to be known for. Hell, even The Spits haven’t been able to totally pull that off, even though they’re achieved further success and have fans of genres all over the map. Yet, there are Head freaks equally on both sides. I’ve always found it fascinating. Now, on this here tribute album, it’s solely focussed on modern day, pop punk Ramones-worshippers, if it wasn’t a dead giveaway based on the label. On that note, this tribute reflects many of the superstars on the current roster of Mom’s Basement, as well as a large numbers from the Mecca of Ramones-core, Europe (and more specifically, Italy). From the start, you’re presented with Japan’s all-stars, So-Cho Pistons, who couldn’t be any better at their craft if they were designed by computers a hundred years from now. So razor-sharp and technically perfect, it hurts—my band had a luxury of playing with them in Japan a few years back, and their drummer Nass could give Marky Ramone a good run for his money. Through and through, there isn’t a dull track on here, from DeeCracks to The Parasites, or from RatBones to Neck. If you’re a fan in any capacity, this is well worth your time. –Steve Adamyk (Mom’s Basement,

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