VARIOUS ARTISTS: Do You Like American Music? Vol.1.: CS

Sep 20, 2016

Who doesn’t love a good comp? This most excellent compilation put together by Seb Radix—apparently cherry picking bands he met and played with on tour here in the States. Some of my favorites include Quaaludes’ “Call you Up,” which is by far one of their best tunes, Street Eaters’ “Paralyzed,” another SF gem, Mike Watt And The Secondmissingmens’ “Beach Blanket Bong-out” is a no brainer, and Dead Bars with “Just Fine.” There are bands that are pretty damn good that I haven’t heard of, like Weekend Mattress, Bad Tats, and The Brass. Pretty sure you need this. Comes with a sweet little fold-out zine en Français. –Camylle Reynolds (Rock’n’Roll Masturbation)