VARIOUS ARTISTS: Destroy All Art Vol. 2: LP

Jan 30, 2019

I’m glad to see the Destroy All Art comp series continue. Volume 1 had me questioning how we could be at a stage when we’re comping the ’90s, but when you really think about it, Killed By Death comped the ’80s in the ’80s, so we’re overdue for mining the fertile ’90s. Cheaper recording technology grew in the ’90s and you could trip over all the small label releases at your local record store. We were still a few years from the “record your band that will only be around for two weeks” glut of the ’00s, and yes there were a lot of one-off bands in the ’90s, for better or for worse. So, kudos to Rock N’ Roll Parasite for slogging away! I’m surprised I haven’t at least heard anything on either volume so far (Spin Age Blasters is the only name I recognize, and I only recently heard of them). My favorite songs happen to fall in a row, the two that close out side one (Seculars’ “Social Skills” and Spin Age Blasters’ “In Your Daddy’s Car”) and open side two (The Ignatz “Neutral Eyes.” Get it?) I could see myself putting The Babysitters Club’s “Surfing Queen” on a mix too. If I must complain about something (and I always do) it is this: Splayed Innards’ “Social Retard” should have been left off. The song is from 1996 and things were different back then (not for the better) but the R-word has always been a bad word, people. –Sal Lucci (Rock N’ Roll Parasite)