Aug 19, 2016

A friend of mine describes certain punk albums as having a “‘90s feel,” indicating to me I won’t like it. What are those reasons specifically? I can’t really say. Enough bad things happened to punk in the ‘90s for that statement to be relevant. But were there good bands? Good scenes? Good people? Yes. Is there still good unheard stuff out there? Destroy All Art is an emphatic yes. Your brother’s band didn’t blow if it ended up on this comp. If you enjoyed the recent We’re Loud comp pulling from ‘90s demos, Destroy All Art is a definite winner for you. The album starts off with a killer: “Self-Hate” by Epileptix. Snot vocals with guitar wrench, overdriven chords. There are a variety of retro sounds on this one as well. Several Species’ “Fight” frames tales of brawling with a melodic guitar intro and an infectious, Dictators-style chorus you should hear. Firewood fires a great cave beat with an awesomely inappropriate keyboard sound. Skuds delivers three-chord chaos with “Got Meth?” That’s the first four songs. And the album continues uphill. Pretty essential. You really can’t miss with this. There isn’t a KBD or Bloodstains moniker associated with good, obscure ‘90s punk yet, but I hope people keep working on it. ‘90s isn’t necessarily a bad word, but it doesn’t look great on an album cover yet. –Billups Allen (Rock N’ Roll Parasite)

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