VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dead Wax: A Rad Girlfriend Records Compilation: 2 x LP

Feb 05, 2020

I picked this up at Fest during the Raging Nathans right after I got wrangled into helping with their merch table. There I was, just staring at the back cover and drooling over all the fantastic bands featured on it when all of a sudden I have to make change for Tommy (love you!). Check it out, we’ve got Dopamines, Iron Chic, Slow Death, Spells, Todd C, School Damage, Brokedowns, Wonk Unit, Steve Adamyk Band, Starter Jackets and tons more! All of this with a beautiful gatefold double LP on clear wax with a zine? And it’s just thirty dollars? This guy has thirty-six different bands on it. I’m no expert on every song by every band ever, but some of these are covers and I think some of them are exclusive to this comp. Bunch of rad bands from a rad label. There’s not many reasons you shouldn’t pick up this comp, and the ones that exist are pretty dumb. –Kayla Greet (Rad Girlfriend)