VARIOUS ARTISTS: Days of a Quiet Sun: LP

Sep 29, 2020

A collection of recordings from the mid/late-1960s to the early-1970s from the great state of Virginia, all of which were produced by Martin Gray, a “local kid” who decided to take it upon hisself to record local acts. The sonically varied tunes here, many previously unreleased—deep psych rock, garage rock, blue-eyed soul, bluesy acoustic guitar instrumentals, and hippie stylings are all well represented here—come courtesy of The Hazards, The Barracudas (not to be confused with the English band from a little over a decade later), King Edward & His B.D.’s, Bernard Smith & Joker’s Wild (who drop a head-turning soul jam that should’ve torn up 1968’s charts and dance floors, but didn’t), Group Nine, Duck Baker, and The Bosom Blues Band. Included are liner notes written by Gary and a download card with bonus tracks. In all, a nice collection of obscurities that’s a great listen. –Jimmy Alvarado (Feel It)