VARIOUS ARTISTS: Danger! La France a Peur!: 7”

Aug 19, 2016

Since I got this comp I’ve been trying to think of the quintessential French punk song. The Dogs’ “Nineteen” seems to be the most ubiquitous French offering. Even Belgium has a stronger punk history on paper. Névralgies Particulières, Fuzzed Up Lost 60s French Punk! and the recent Danger! La France a Peur! shine light on what French teenagers were up to in the ‘60s and ‘70s. If you can find someone to translate the liner notes and the neat little folded interview included, you’d know a lot more. Danger! covers bands from ‘76-’80 and it’s a solid load of punk. Single Track’s “Here We Go Again” is catchy and, like a lot of the bands on this comp, walk the line between snotty punk and tough power pop. Telephone was a French band whose self-titled album rode that line and was distributed a bit more than others. If you like that record or want to bone up on your French, this is an excellent comp. –Billups Allen (Danger)