VARIOUS ARTISTS: Damaged by Dez: 7” EP

Sep 29, 2020

I’m not much a fan of cover songs, especially in the world of punk. How many bands in the formative years mention they started playing as a reaction to all the crummy cover bands in their town? But that’s a discussion for another time and one with a higher word count allowance. This is a collection of songs that Dez Cadena had a hand in when he was part of the Four Towels and covered by recent bands. The results are varied, as one would expect. Maniacal Device turn in a good rendition of “Six Pack,” Jesse Blankenship countrify “Jealous Again,” which is really a country song if you stop and think about the lyrics and subject matter. Pure Heel offer up a deranged version of “Damaged 1,” and I appreciate the heavy percussion at the start of Vieja Estirpe’s cover of “Rise Above.” If covers are your thing, and you need to hear a slightly different version of the readily available Four Towels catalog, then you would dig this. Cool cover art from Avi Spivak is an eye catcher. –Matt Average (Caden Records And Cylinders)