Mar 22, 2017

As I recall, the original conceit of Modern Action’s D-Sides series was that it showcased tuneage from some great bands culled from dicey sources, such as rehearsal recordings and such. Dunno how many actually made it out into the world—I may be wrong, but I only remember coming across one 45 and it was pretty rough—but this compilation is pretty goddamned good. You get for your buck assorted demo tracks from Modern Action, The Briefs, Amoebas, Smogtown, The Bodies, Sharp Objects, The Stitches (the only track here pulled from a rehearsal tape), Modern Pets, Ruleta Rusa, Complaints, The Cadavers, and Botox Rats, all of which are A-side tunes with great sound, making for a comp that easily stands up to the great comps their Southern California label compatriots, Hostage Records, have put out over the years. Also comes with a zine featuring a page dedicated to each band. Great, great stuff to be found here. –Jimmy Alvarado (Modern Action)

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